Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our To-Do List

Ok so it may seem a bit obsessive, but I love tracking things, at the moment I have spreadsheets for:

  • mortgage
  • super
  • shares
  • debt
  • horse expenses
  • weight loss

And a few months ago Mr Mel & I decided that we need a list of things we keep thinking of we need to do, that we forget to get round to doing.  And since we started it, we've got through a couple, which is better than none, so I thought I'd list our to do list here too, so I can track it (I did say a tad obsessive!!).

So here goes, this is our list:

  • Security system for house - 90% done - being installed next week
  • House & Contents insurance re security 
  • Solar installation for house - 5% done - have 2 crews coming out to quote
  • Look into Sasha's Blend for the pug
  • Build shelves in laundry
  • Paint 2nd toilet walls & door
  • Sell lounge suites taking up the garage
  • Replace dying Mazda - DONE - I love my new i30 :)
  • Investigate extended warranty on the Ford - DONE - signed up, covered for next 3 years
  • Blog - not this one, a new one that we'll both work on - 10% done - I have setup the domain
  • MYOB for business - 90% done - I detest it, but almost done for the 2009/10 year
  • Personal & Business tax for 2009/10 - 90% done - as per MYOB 
  • Replace office chair - DONE
  • Get treadmill working - DONE
  • Get allergy test done
  • Water tank
  • Organise & book trip to Brisbane for Mr Mel - work related (he works for himself)

So that's the list, we're working our way through, and adding more now and then.  We have them written on a whiteboard on the side of the freezer (faces out from kitchen), so we see the list all the time, and often stand there planning.  It won't happen overnight but it will happen :)

So dear readers, do you have a to-do list, or are Mr Mel & I, as we kind of suspect, a tad freaky??


Till next time,

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