Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well Happy Belated Birthday to be accurate!! Sunday 7th Nov was my Birthday, another year older, hopefully a bit wiser!

I am so thankful for friends, family & Mr Mel, I was sooo spoilt!

We booked a restaurant we had been eyeing off for ages, Amanda's On The Edge at Pokolbin.

On the Thursday before I was discussing the dinner with my boss and his wife, as Amanda's is my boss' wife's favourite restaurant.  About 8pm that night I had a call on my work mobile, usually at that time of night it's not a good call, usually a vet/horse emergency.  But this time I was pleasantly surprised!  My boss & his wife wanted to shout Mr Mel and I out for dinner for my birthday!  I was blown away, and gratefully accepted the generous offer.

Saturday night rolled around for our 7pm booking.  As we walked in Amanda (the owner) greeted us with a 'Happy Birthday Mel', I was very impressed. We were seated at one of the best tables overlooking the vineyard.

Amanda asked if I would like a cocktail for my birthday, I replied 'oh only if it's mango', she said there were no mango cocktails but she thinks there's a mango in the kitchen, and that she'd go check.  She returned a few minutes saying how about a mango daquiri, why of course I replied!!

5 minutes later a delicious mango daquiri arrived, again very impressed.

We ordered, and were very happy with our choices:


- Goats Cheese & Leek Tart - just delicious, the texture was like mousse, so light and tasty, with a gorgeous rocket salad and pine nuts
- Crispy Skinned Duck Maryland with roasted onions, cripsy kipfler potatoes & asparagus - the duck was very moist and tender, although the skin wasn't crispy, it wasn't a huge negative, the potatoes, onions & asparagus were a great match
- Toffee Creme Brulee with blueberries & cookies - very tasty, the brulee had a good crack, and the blueberries went well with the soft creme, dessert was served with a dark chocolate 'Happy Birthday Mel' on the plate, a great way to top off a lovely dinner

Mr Mel

- Creamy Crab & Bug Meat Bisque served with crusty bread - Mr Mel knows his seafood and soups, and he was raving, I tried it and while not a big fan of seafood soups it was very tasty, Mr Mel wants to make a bisque at home now, uhoh!
- he was tossing up between the lamb & a special of Red Emperor, went with the fish and was a little disappointed, thought it was a bit over and bland, but not terrible
- Greek Custard Pastry with Cinnamon Icecream - Mr Mel thought the pastry was a bit lacklustre but was raving about the cinnamon icecream, rates it the nicest icecream he's ever had!!

We took our own bottle of wine, one of our favourites, the Rosalie Joan Verdelho from Ernest Hill at Pokolbin

All in all a lovely night out, very nice food, great service and a lovely location.

On the pressie front I was very spoilt, a juicer from Mr Mel and lots of vouchers to the best garden centre in the area :)

Till next time,

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