Monday, December 13, 2010

An Aussie Santa

Mr Mel & I headed down to Blue Bay for a family Xmas do, staying overnight in a multi-million dollar property, owned by a family friend, where the backyard merged into the sand of the beach.

Soooo relaxing, and reminded me of my childhood in Warrnambool, growing up in a seaside town, the beach is such a part of every day life.  I hope to one day get back to a seaside lifestyle, here's hoping!

We had a great day, feasted on delicious Xmas fare, a night of chatting with the extended family. Then awoke to a beautiful sunrise over Blue Bay.

On the Saturday arvo we even had a visit from Santa, in a true Aussie Style!!

Till next time,


  1. Hehe that is definitely an Aussie Santa! :P Oh and thanks for letting me know about the Heston show. That sounds amazing! :o

  2. No worries Lorraine :) I thought you'd be interested!



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