Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to work - not so yay!

Well today makes it a week since 1st day back at work, following our wedding and honeymoon, and man oh man it's been a hard slog!

Our honeymoon was so amazing, it was a massive jolt back to reality when I had to man the 7pm - 2am foalwatch shift on Saturday night, I had a flashback when I was handmilking the mare (foal wouldn't suck from both teets, so I had to milk one of her teets every 20 mins!), that 7 days ago we had been having dinner on our island paradise, throwing leftovers to the hundreds of fish swimming under the deck of the restaurant, while sipping Mojito's!

I'm sure it's just the usual post holiday blues, but gees louise, they are as blue as blue can get!
Erakor Island, Vanuatu - aka Paradise!!  Our villa was at the top right corner
Till next time,

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  1. reality is not really a very nice place sometimes! I wish i was on that island too and i've never been there!



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