Friday, August 26, 2011

The burn - hurts so good!

Since returning from our honeymoon 2 weeks ago I have been trying to fight off a cold/flu/whatever.  Well this week it's just about won the battle, I've felt uber-ordinary, and even had a day off work!!

Nights have been a battle to breath, and a very attractive look for my lovely new hubby, with me 'sleeping' with a tissue wedged up ease nostril to stop the constant running, whilst coughing my lungs out and sneezing.  I did offer to sleep in the other bedroom, but lovely hubby won't allow it (yay he's soooo sweet)!

I grew up on Vicks, we had it rubbed on our chests as kids, my grand-mother used to put some in a bowl of boiled water, and lower our heads down over the bowl with a tea towel over us, to help clear up a cold.
So when the constant sniffles/blocked nose/head, coughing etc persisted, I went to the Vicks, only to realise our jar, which I've probably had for the best part of 10 years, was about empty!

So I headed to the stupormarket and bought a new jar and an inhaler.

This is the burn bit.

I consistently stick the inhaler too far up my nose, and sniff it way too hard, thinking it's not working, only to have the hairs in my nose just about singed off, and my eyes watering from the 'vicks burn'. I know that if I stop doing it, it won't hurt, but for some bizarre reason, I continue to do it, and continue to burn the bejesus out of my snozz. In my cold ridden brain I justify the pain, by enjoying the maybe 20 seconds of clear nosedness (new word?) that follows my monster inhales!
Hopefully this cold will be gone soon, and I can stop the singeing burn that is oh so good, for a few seconds anyway!

Till next time,

PS - Married life is the best!


  1. Ahhh Vicks.. memories of childhood. I love the stuff. Poor Joe (5) though thought I was trying a new an wicked method of torture when I rubbed some on his chest during his flu. Poor little guy had no energy to life his head off the pillow until I slathered this on him and he screamed it was BUUUURRNNINGG!! and ran into the bathroom.. so we showered and resorted to a hanky with Vicks on it under his pillow...poor little guy lol - Hope you feel better soon Mel!

    Trine x

  2. Poor you :(

    Hope you feel better soon....



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