Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good on ya Bubs

Apologies for the late update, back on 22 March I posted about wanting/needing our bub to spin - Spin Baby Spin - very happy to report that Bubs complied with our demands!

I woke up Tuesday night (3rd April) after midnight thinking I was having BH contractions, sharp painful tightening across the tummy on and off for about an hour, didn't really think much of it.

Went to the OB the following day (4th April) thinking bub was back in transverse (was in transverse for 2 weeks previous, then had moved to breech at ultrasound by Friday 30th March, then I thought moved back to transverse), ready for an ECV and possible C-section, spent the morning packing bags for me, DH & bubs and cleaning the house (crazy I know!).

Got to OB and she asked if much movements, I told her about the BH, she had a feel of my tummy, then got the ultrasound machine and a minute later says well it wasn't BH it was bub flipping, it's head is here (really low/bikini line/pelvis)!! I couldn't believe it, kept saying are you sure, are you sure, she showed me the screen and there was the bubs scone in full view!

So I asked well whats this lump here I've been massaging I thought it was its head, she put the scanner there and said thats the bottom. Yay, DH & I laughed and smiled and nearly cried. It was such a massive relief!

The OB said that bubs head was quite firmly in the pelvis, not 'floating around', and she was confident it probably wouldn't flip out, but I'm to go back for a weekly scan just to make sure.

So we're 37w4d now and bub is still in the correct position (had another ultrasound this afternoon), yay bubs, you rock!!!!

Thankfully, bubs is now in this position, yay!
And yay to Karen of Simple Savings website who recommended I visit the website and try their exercises, can't say 100% it did the job, but it wouldn't have hurt! :)
Till next time,

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  1. yay for you! and yay for bubs! Hope all goes well these next couple of weeks....I'll be waiting for news :)



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