Friday, March 30, 2012

New Obsession - Sarah Richardson

I, like alot of people probably, daydream about either building a home from scratch or buying an old house and doing a full on renovation.

Currently Mr Mel & I live in a gorgeous 100+ year old Federation house, at the time we bought neither of us were really ready to take on a reno, Mr Mel had just quit his job in Sydney and was starting his own business, from home, I was working 60+ a week, plus we were heading down to Sydney just about every weekend.

So finding our lovely home, fully renovated, with only a few tweaks required, was perfect for us.

HOWEVER, I still have my daydreams, well more than daydreams, I know we'll either build or renovate one day.

And until that day looms, my new obsession is

Sarah Richardson has a couple of shows on Foxtel's LifeStyle HOME - Sarah's House is the one I love, I've only seen half of the series where she has purchased a stock standard developer/builders house off the plan, and is upgrading, designing, decorating, as the house is built.

Of course the budget is way out of anything we could ever do, but the ideas and inspiration are endless.
Not the series I'm watching but typical of Sarah's style - love it!
LOVE this ensuite, the antique mirrors on the doors of the vanity are gorgeous!
In other news, we're heading off for an ultrasound now, to see if bubs has turned out of transverse, I'm not hopeful as I can still feel a head under my ribs, but we shall see!

Till next time,

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