Friday, March 16, 2012

34 weeks down - gotta get sorted!

Can't believe on Saturday we'll be 34 weeks pregnant, holy moly that's come up quick!

Our Nursery is just about sorted, we found a rug in Newcastle that should do the trick, and was marked down to $159 from $389, score!!

I'll add a photo over the weekend, once I've got things tidied up!

Seeings as bubs could arrive at any moment, and 'best case' is only around 6 weeks away, Mr Mel & I have set this weekend as our 'get sorted' weekend.
On the to-do list:
  • wash all nappies (modern cloth nappies/MCN's) - for the 2nd & 3rd time, they all recommend up to 5-6 washes before use, to help with absorption
  • wash all baby clothes
  • wash all nursery linen
  • dust & vac everywhere in the nursery, including the flipping ceiling fan I keep forgetting!
  • put all the 'baby stuff' in the nursery!
  • finish off some art for the nursery
  • Organise hospital bag for me, Mr Mel & bub
  • Organise Ipod for 'delivery music', sounds so pleasant :)
  • Buy a nappy bag - sick of looking at them, just need to bite the bullet!
  • Make the hospital gown for delivery, hopefully not too difficult!
  • Install capsule into the Ford
  • finish off the bloody tax for our business - sheesh I hate it!

Till next time,

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