Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spin baby spin!

At our last ultrasound 3 weeks ago bubs was sitting in breech, our OB told us not to worry that bubs will probably spin of its own accord into the normal head down, 'vertex' position.  That they don't start to worry until around 37 weeks when bub should be in the right position.
Bubs was in Breech
We had an OB appointment yesterday, we're now 34w 5d, and bubs has decided to turn from breech to transverse.

Bubs has his/her head under the right side of my ribs, his/her feet under the left side of my ribs, and his/her spine curving down into my pelvis area.
Bubs is now in transverse

The OB did an ultrasound to confirm, and there he/she was happy as Larry, heart beating away, kicking at the ultrasound wand, but not where we wanted to see him/her.

So the OB has said I'm to go back and see her on 4th April, if bubs still hasn't turned they'll do what's called an ECV (external cephalic version) where they manipulate the baby from outside, 'through' my tummy, to move it into a head down position.
ECV to move bubs into Vertex position

The OB warned us that the success rate is about 50%, and that some bubs can flip back up out of the head down position even if successfully moved.

She also warned that if during the ECV they think bubs is having any issues, ie heart rate dropping, or placenta issues, any ruptures etc, that bubs will be born by cesarean.

A Cesarean birth hasn't been on my radar, so to hear that got my heart racing.

I always thought/wanted I'd have a natural and hopefully drug free birth, and all of my reading & research over the past 8 months has been preparing myself for that type of birth.

Mr Mel & I have always said we'd aim for natural/drug free, but that our Number 1 aim was a safe, healthy baby & mum, so we thought we had all options on the table.

It seems now that the big 'C' has been bought up by the OB, that Mr Mel & I may not have been as open as we thought, as I now can't get it out of my head! 

Of course being the researcher I am, I spent most of last night reading up on transverse positions, ECV & Cesareans, have to say I'm desperately hoping bubs will flip over and play ball.

Friends have mentioned a website - Spinning Babies, which I'm going to look into, and a member of the website Simple Savings that I'm a member of, mentioned seeing a chiropractor to try the 'Webster Technique' which I'm also going to look into.

I'm hoping bubs will spin by April 4, as I would really really really prefer not to have a Cesarean.
The aim - Vertex position!

If any readers have had success with a bub moving from Tranverse to Vertex after 35 weeks, please let me know, would love a positive story!! :)

Till next time,


  1. My sister regularly saw a chiropractor who specialised in babies and pregnant mums while she was pregnant with my nephew - I was there one session when the chiro turned the baby like that - amazing! And my sister said the relief was immense when you have a good chiro like that around you?

    (hoping you and bub are well!)

  2. Hi Shelley, Am scouting around for a chiro this week, hopefully can find one fairly local!



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