Sunday, March 18, 2012

From Bunting to Bubba Bits

For our surprise wedding in July last year, I made around 100 metres of bunting to decorate the hall where we had our reception.

After many weeks of ironing & cutting & sewing after work most nights, and during most weekends, I was ultra happy with the end result.
Part of the 100m+ of bunting, on the day of our wedding
Part of the 100m+ of bunting, on the day of our wedding 
I'd always had in the back of mind that I would like to one day use the bunting for something in our house, maybe a baby's room, down the track.

Well seeings as we were lucky enough to fall pregnant on our honeymoon, that 'down the track' time is upon us, our baby is due in just under 6 weeks, and the bunting is being transformed.

The first version is the 'baby bunting' on the wall above the bookcase.
Some of the bunting converted to a baby banner, the green ones are calico which I hand dyed
The second is the 'bunting nappy holder', I think it's just gorgeous!
Bunting Nappy Holder - gorgeous!
Lovely from all sides
Till next time,


  1. Great job you clever thing! Loving the nappy holder - hard to find these days.... and the bunting looks great (both wedding and baby uses!)



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