Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is me - International Women's Day

Seeings as it is International Women’s Day I thought I'd do a brief 'this is me' snippet.

So, this is me, today 8 March 2012, tomorrow is likely to be a different me, but this is me now in this moment:
  • I'm 37 but regularly act like I'm 17, maturity can be a fleeting thing for me!
  • I'm 32w5d pregnant - all my friends say the loved their pregnancy, glowed etc, I'm not loving it, actually apart from feeling junior's movements I'm not even liking it 
  • I'm still getting a handle on my fears around the birth - movies, tv shows, friends horror stories have ruined what should be a beautiful and natural occasion
  • I've had terrible nightmares about things going wrong with our pregnancy, but am too scared to put them into words and tell anyone
  • I don't swear in front of people, but let rip in the car on my own, a secret between me & junior now!
  • I don't eat as healthily as I should, but I'm getting there
  • Once bub is born I won't to really give me all into getting into shape, I'm 38 this year, time is ticking, I need to feel hot, well at least luke-warm, sick of covering everything up!
  • I hate doing the dishes, luckily Mr Mel is a sweetheart and covers me there
  • I'm desperately counting down the days till I start maternity leave - 12 days incl today
  • I have a name picked out for a charity I want to start, one day, I've stopped telling friends/family about it, they think I'm crackers
  • I have our future farm planned out in our head, and can't wait till we can do it
  • I have occasional, well let's say 'midweek' blindness to housework, weekends are attack time, but I'm easily distracted and often don't get round to it, I'm hoping once I'm off work I'll be more motivated!
  • I often wonder how I go so lucky - 5 years ago I was single, not sure what to do with my life, not enjoying my work, and not travelling so well financially - now I'm married to an angel, about to have our first baby, financially stable, and loving life - how the hell did fortune smile on me? And why?
  • I count out letters in sentences to see if they end in a 5/10/15 etc, and will add/remove letters to try and make them fit, ie don't becomes do not, do not becomes don't
  • I count the numbers in dates to see if they add up to a 7, my fave number, ie our wedding date was 23/07/2011, so 2+3=5+7=12+2+1+1=16, then 6+1 = 7 - tada
  • I think the last 2 might be admitting a tad too much!
It’s International Women’s Day - celebrate being you, a wonderful woman :)

Till next time,

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