Friday, January 14, 2011

Doctor here I come!

Ok so the story so far, I turned 37 a few months ago, Mr Mel and I have had all the talks that can be had, the end result, is we want to get married and start a family this year (gods willing).
SO, I just made an appointment to see my Doctor, to get the whole kit & caboodle so to speak checked.

I know the first item on the agenda will be weightloss, and I'm getting there, but I think the Doc will give me a good enough scare that I'll drop those kgs quicker than ever! I'm going to ask for the blood test that can tell you if you're cycling ok, other than that I'm open to anything that needs to happen!

Given my age, the stats are starting to scare the life out of me.

  • Fertility - gradually decreases from 30 on, at 35 - 39 it's a 52% chance!
  • Infertility - gradually increases from 30 on, at 35 - 39 it's a 15% chance!
  • At 45 you're half as fertile as you were at 25, and at 40 you're half as fertile as you were at 35 - now that's a kick up the backside!
  • Complications - Chance of complications goes from 10.43% at 20-29 to 19.29% at 35-39 years
  • At 35 years + 1 in 440 pregnancies result in the baby dying in utero at the end of the pregnancy, compared to 1 in 1000 for under 35 years
  • Down Syndrome - At 40 the risk is 1 in 60 for a baby with down syndrome, at 25 its 1 in 1,500!
That's enough stats to scare me, and probably you for now, but wish me luck, I've only been to this Doc once, and never seen a Doc anywhere re trying to get pregnant!

I'm not taking Mr Mel with me for this first appointment, too much info would blow his mind and distract him from the end goal, so I'll see how it goes, then fill him and he can come to the next appointment.  Don't you just love guys!!  :)

Till next time,
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  1. Good luck to both of you, hope all your dreams come true in 2011.

    One of my friends had a baby at 37. Had a few problems but it all worked out in the end and now she has a beautiful daughter. Another friend is 44 and had a baby boy recently with no problems, her 8th child. So get healthy and see how you go.

    I am not very overweight (about 10kgs)but enough that it is bothering me. I have been following along with the Michelle Bridges (from Biggest Loser) 12 week body transformation on Facebook. Many hints and help there. I went out and bought her book and cant put it down, it makes so much sense. I am not going to join in this time but may consider it next time around if I haven't shed any kilos. She has 2 websites and

    I purchased Michelle's book Crunch time and crunch time cookbook (2 books in one) at Big W for $24.88 if you want to read it.

    I have lost 2.1kg this week just by following her advise on what to eat and what not to eat.


  2. Hi Tania,

    Thanks for your wish of good luck :)

    And for the success stories of your friends, I hope we have similar outcomes!

    I know of Michelle from Biggest Loser but didn't realise she was on Facebook or had a book or websites, thanks so much for letting me know, I shall go have a look at each, and the price for the book at Big W sounds good value!

    Congrats on your loss of 2.1kg, well done!


  3. Hi Mel

    Good luck! My Mum had be when she was 43 (had her first child at 37).



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