Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A True Australia Day!

Nothing says summer in Australia like a 41 degree day, where you feel like you've mistakenly opened the oven door when you venture out the front door to get the paper at 8am.

This Australia Day we headed down to meet Mr Mel's parents at his aunts house on the Central Coast for the day.  We had a great day, lovely lamb cutlets and prawn skewers on the BBQ, with warm potato salad, and an avocado, tomato & cucumber salad, just delish. This was followed by coffee and a lovely lemon & lime cheesecake Mr Mel's mum made, nice and tangy.  We drang verdelho with our meal, always a lovely drop.
We spent the afternoon just chatting around the dinner table, since I met Mr Me's aunt & uncle 3 years ago, I've not really had a chance to chat 1 on 1, it's always been in a group of 20+ family members. So it was lovely to just chat about whatever came up, their family, growing up in Sydney, their parents passing, the passing of a daughter, my family, plans for the future, travel ideas, etc. 

Time flew and before we knew it the clock was showing 5pm, so we had to head home. Mr Mel's parents back to Sydney, us back to the Hunter.

When we left the coast it was warm, but not uncomfortable. When we arrived home it was like the temp had been turned up again. We were sweating carrying the esky back inside, and our poor puglet was panting his head off at the gate (soon fixed by a douse with the hose, he headed back to sleep out the heat).

Our home was like an oven, even airing out all night hasn't really, helped, so on went the aircon in the bedroom so we can sleep.  It's 10pm and currently 33 deg!

The forecast says thunderstorms tonight then 36 deg tomorrow, excellent, back to work on a stinker!

Life is good here in the lucky country, bloody hot, but very very good.

Till next time,


  1. Ohh, thats hot. 33C @ 10pm...ooph. Hot, hot. hot.

  2. It was a stinker! We've got another 41c day Sat, then 37c on Sun, then finally on Monday back to mid/high 20's, yay!!! :) thanks for your comment



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