Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Gratuitous Pug Shot

I just couldn't resist posting this pic of our pug Ollie, taken at the B&B we stopped at overnight at Euroa, on our drive to Warrnambool after Christmas.

Mr Mel, Ollie & I had just had a walk around town, before retiring for the night, we'd left home at 5am and arrived at Euroa at 3.30pm. Ol had been such a good boy, we set him up in the back seat, with a hammock protecting the seat from the onslaught of pug hair (don't get me started)!  He had his sheepskin rug to lay on, and after a 15 minute freak out when we headed off, he travelled like an angel. Slept most of the way, apart from the odd scramble to the back of the drivers seat to look over Mr Mel's or my shoulder to make sure we were going the right way!  We stopped every couple of hours to let him stretch his legs, have a drink and piddle.

I just love the happy look on Ollie's face, and that he's happy to sit on the bench on his own, after I got some pics of him with Mr Mel, the photo sums him up, our little puglet :)

Till next time,

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