Monday, April 11, 2011

Our New Venture!

Mr Mel and I have been in the Hunter Valley for a couple of years now (Mr Mel permanently from Feb 2010, myself from July 2007), and we absolutely love the Valley.  Having 120+ vineyards, world class restaurants, producers, on our doorstep, leaves us very spoilt for choice.

Last year we were trying to find things to do with our extended family that were kid friendly, and found that the info, what was there, was hard to find.  So we decided we'd start a blog for the Hunter, on things to do, see, things we'd done, with honest, non airbrushed content.

We registered domain names, sent in a business name to the government, to include under Mr Mel's business ABN, and continued to mull over the concept for a few months.

This past month or so we have setup the website, as a blog to start with, and have some intial content online.  We're in the middle of writing up more content from our travels around the Valley, and will be posting them online shortly.

We're still tweaking the format, so bear with us!

Hunter Valley Grapevine - come and say Hi!

Our new venture - Hunter Valley Grapevine
We're hoping down the track our site will be a valuable resource for people wanting to come to the Valley, we'll have reviews online, good, bad & ugly of alot of places, and will happily go check out locations for non Hunter people to give them the real deal, rather than the photoshopped content on alot of websites.

I will probably take a few older stories from this blog and rewrite them on the grapevine also.

We're always open to any suggestions/comments/feedback, so feel free!

Till next time,


  1. It must be so exciting to do this. Yes you do live in a great area and to be able to tell people about an area you love is fantastic. Good luck :D

  2. Thanks KJ, we're quite excited about it, worth having a go :)

  3. WoW, Good luck with your project, If I'm ever down that way, I'll be sure to look up your webpage and navigate myself around!!! Well done, must be a fun job too, having to visit the places you write about! :)

  4. Just found your blog and am loving it ... I will also be sure to follow you on your Hunter Valley Grapevine ... living on the Central Coast we do like to go quite often! Cheers

  5. Hi Gooseberry Jam - thanks :) Have to admit we're pretty lucky to have ended up where we are, and hope we can do the Valley justice with our new venture! If you're ever this way and need any info, let us know!

  6. Hi Sammy, thanks for the follows :) Any time you need any info on anything in the Valley let us know, we'll do our best to research it for u :)



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