Friday, February 17, 2012

Nursery on the way!

We're getting there with converting our 3rd bedroom/study/storeroom into a nursery for our bub due in April (we're at 30 weeks now!).

Luckily the room was already green, so no painting required, yay!

We've been very fortunate to have picked up alot of baby stuff free or cheap.
  • We found the Boori Cot & change table on Ebay, $200 for the two of them
  • Great 3 wheeler pram from Sister-in-Law
  • Bassinette from Sister-in-Law
  • Nursing rocking/sliding chair & footstool for $80 from a garage sale
  • The wall unit we bought new from Ikea for $385
  • Baskets in the unit cheap from $2 shops, and garage sales
  • The small canvas art and the mobile were a $20 find in a garage sale
  • The bunting (edited to take out surname :) )  was converted from the bunting I made for our wedding 
  • Capsule for the car from Sister-in-Law
  • Bagloads (I'm talking big rubbish bin bags) of clothes from Sister-in-Law
  • Fisher Price bouncer from Ebay for 1/3rd of RRP
We just need to find a nice rug for the floor and we'll be just about set!  

Apart from the usual supply of creams/powders etc, which we're hoping to find organic versions of.

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments & emails about our news, we're very excited :)
Till next time,

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