Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ummmm I'm back!

Ah yes well, to say it's been a while would be a tad of an understatement!

My last blogpost was back on August 30, when I was under the weather. Where do I start from there?

How's about some news?  Something along the lines of WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!

Yes, my under the weatherness from August was also morning sickness, altho I wasn't 100% sure at the time!

We returned from our Honeymoon on August 9, and on August 26 at 2am we got 2 lines on our home pregnancy test!

I had been feeling sick for a few days, and had an odd full/heavy feeling in my tummy, I thought oh wow what if.  So went and bought some preg tests, the first 3 came back negative, but I was sure something was up, so I kept buying & taking them!  Then at 2am on Aug 26, I got up to go to the loo, and thought bugger it I'll test again, and up came the 2 lines, I ran in and woke up hubby waving the stick in his sleepy eyes.
Test 1 - on day 35 of my cycle

Test 2 & 3 - on day 36 of my cycle
Test 4 - day 37 of my cycle
Our GP confirmed our home test by blood test on August 31!

From August until 2 days before Christmas I had dreadful 24x7 nausea and vomiting, I was vomiting up to 20-25 times a day, and about 5 times overnight, I just about nightly awoke with vomit on it's way and had to run to the toilet!  Life wasn't much fun for those 5 months!

At Christmas we drove 15 hours each way to my hometown to have Xmas with my family (we told my family via Skype on Fathers Day, saying that hubby would have a very different Fathers Day in 2012, they got the hint!

Since Christmas I haven't had much nausea and only a few vomits, more related to heat/tired than morning sickness, I think.

We're now at 29 weeks, and have met with the great midwives at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, and have been to our first 2 ante-natal classes. I'm reading everything I can on natural childbirth, to try and overcome my birth fears, I want/hope/would like to go as natural as I can, but we shall see.

Everyone has been calling us old fashioned, with us conceiving a honeymoon baby, but we feel so lucky and blessed to have 'fallen' so quickly, old fashioned or not we'll take it :)

So in answer to one of my initial 'Can We Do It Questions'


Till next time, I promise it won't take so long!


  1. Awww that's so awesome! Congratulations! Glad your back too :)

    1. Thanks AshMac, enjoying being back in the swing of blogland :)

  2. Oh Mel! Congratulations! How fantastic. It certainly has been quiet from your neck of the woods. Keep us posted of birth etc.

    All the best!

    Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne, I'll certainly be less quiet from now, now that I'm not feeling like death warmed up :)

  3. Congratulations to you both. Hope to see you here more often but know that things are going to be busy for you.


    1. Thanks Barb, definitely busy, but loving it :)

  4. Oh WOW! Congratulations, that is fantastic news... I'm really happy for you although it's a shame about the morning sickness....
    Enjoy this next journey, it's the most amazing thing one can ever experience... And beware, it can be addictive... :)

    1. Thanks, the morning sickness was just horrid, but that 5 months of torture seem a long time ago now I'm over it and can feel bubs moving round all day everyday! I'm hoping I won't get too addicted :)

  5. Glad your back Mel and congratulations!



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