Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our 2011 edition - foal

I just realised that during my slack hiatus aka all day "morning sickness" of 5 months I hadn't posted anything about our 2011 edition foal!

Well we were blessed on 18 September to have our mare deliver another magnificent colt.
Our lovely 2011 colt

Unfortunately the mare had a bit of a torrid time, she retained some of the placenta, and got an infection in her uterus, we ended up having to send her to the Vet Clinic, after a week of the vet treating her at the farm, she wasn't improving quickly enough.

It was touch and go for both mum & colt, with them both having very high temperatures and infections, but after another week of (expensive!) treatment, they were both fine.
Our 2011 colt at about 3 weeks old, with milk splatter on his face!

The colt also had a few issues with his legs, with Thoroughbreds, especially if you want to sell them as a weanling (9 months) or yearling (12-18 months), having straight legs is the goal.  Buyers are looking to buy a horse with as few conformation issues as possible, and having wonky legs will cut the price you achieve dramatically.
A friendly fella
Mum & Bub, healthy and happy to be home from the vets!

We had the farrier do some corrective work on his hooves, and we're continuously monitoring his progress, and thankfully with the colt now being 5 months old his legs are just about spot on!

We weaned him off his mum in early Feb, and he's currently enjoying life as a kid with a gang of 7 other weanlings, bucking their newly aquired brands off morning & night, tearing around the paddock, playing chasey and pretend fighting for dominance and just fun!
Not a great photo - from my phone - this is at about 4 months of age

At this stage we'll be selling this bloke at the June Weanling Sales in Sydney, where we sold his brother last year, and his sister the year before.
2010 edition
2009 edition

I'll hopefully get some good photos of him soon, before I go on maternity leave!

Till next time,

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