Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can we do it update

Have just realised I haven't posted anything on our 'can we do it' goals, so hear goes:
Our mortgage when we bought in July 2009 was $272,000, it currently sits at $182,229, we held back $60,000 from our deposit to get us into a higher discount on interest rates, so paid that $60k off the mortgage straight away.  We have a 100% offset account, and keep every $ as long as we can in there, we pay for nearly everything on VISA then pay that off in full from offset each month.

We're hoping to have our mortgage paid off in 7 years from starting out, which would make it July 2016.

Start of mortgage (July 2009) - $272,000
As at today (May 2010) - $182,229 (reduced by $89,771)

Other debt
Our total non mortgage debt is $16,050, which includes a car loan (as part of mortgage package, at same interest rate, and a VISA we've since closed).

Start of car loan (May 2010) - $15,000
As at today (May 2010) - $14,794.90 (reduced by $205.10)

Start of VISA (Dec 2009) - $4,920
As at today (May 2010) - $1,255 (reduced by $3,665)

Total non mortgage debt (May 2010) - $16,050

My weight covers a few areas, getting healthy & fit, getting my body in the right place to conceive (and fit in a near 'normal' wedding dress!!). I am easily distracted from weightloss, so hoping this blog can keep me on the straight & narrow!! C'mon me, you can do it!!

Weight as at 1st March 2010 - 136.6kg
Weight as at 26 May 2010 - 133.2kg (lost 3.4kg)

Our business is chugging along ok, currently equating to around .6 of a 'normal' wage, we're hoping to grow the business in the next few months, plans are afoot!!

Till next time,

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