Monday, May 10, 2010

A Week Off - Nice!!

With my last holiday (more than a long weekend) having been in 2001, I had a week off, with today being my first day back at work.

We had Monday/Tuesday at home, catching up on some housey stuff, and getting my hair cut. Then Wednesday we headed off at 7.30am, dropped the pug at the kennel, then hit Sydney.

We left our car at Mr Mel's parents, and caught the bus into Sydney (about 1/2 hr trip), we got a good deal on a hotel in The Rocks - the Holiday Inn Old Sydney  ended up getting 2 nights for $415, a bit of a splurge, but we don't do it often (remember 2001 last break heehee)

We dropped our bags at the hotel, then walked down to Circular Quay (about 5 min walk), wandered around, had a look in the window & at the menu of ARIA restaurant. We were suprised at the prices, we thought it would be astronomical, given the location (a couple of hundred metres from Opera House), and the profile, Matt Moran.  A 2 course dinner is around $67, which for a very special occassion isn't totally over the top. One day we might venture in the door!! :-)

My pathetic attempt to get a self portrait of Mr Mel & I at the Circular Quay Ferry Dock!  

It was Australian Fashion Week, so there were plenty of skinny pretty young things, and plenty of hangeroners wandering around, we had a peek in a makeup tent, but Mr Mel wasn't overly interested!

We had dinner at the Lowenbrau restaurant, a Bavarian Bier type of setup, excellent service and the food was delish, Mr Mel had a Swinerhaxen or similar, a pork knuckle, and he could hardly walk afterwards :-)  I had a goulash and it was yummo.

Thursday we hit the ferry (my first ferry ride) and went to Taronga Zoo, was a great day. We saw the little miracle elephant baby, soooooooo cute!! Will add some photos and more info shortly.

We went to a little Italian restaurant on George Street for dinner, basic and a bit pricey, but nice.

Friday we caught the ferry to Manly, walked around the beach, had a peek at the Hugo's menu, run by Pete Evans, it seemed very expensive, especially for lunch, so we skipped it and went to a little cafe over the road, very yummy, cheap and pleasant.

We caught the bus back to Mr Mel's parents Friday afternoon, and prepared for a big weekend of family birthdays and Mothers Day.

Shall be back to update :-)

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