Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our foal

Just realised I hadn't posted on our foal, she was born on 17th September 2009. Her mum is the first broodmare we have owned. I helped her mum foal her, and it was amazing, I loved every gorey moment :-) She was born with one floppy ear, she probably laid on it in the womb, but now is 100% perfect.

A few photos below from when she was born through to a couple of months ago, will be taking more photos of her next week, it's amazing how she's grown.

When she was born on 17 Sept she weighed around 55kg, now 7 months later she would weigh in at about 200kg, fully grown she'll get to around 500kg!
Mum & Daughter at 3 hours, bonding at dawn
Mum having a well earned breakfast - foal is 4 hours old
Bub trying to reach an itch - 4 weeks 
Bub at 7 weeks old - just a beauty
Little Miss at 8 weeks

more pics to come :)

Till next time

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