Friday, April 23, 2010

What a little gem!

8 March 2009 - reposted April 2010

Well my worries about seafood at the servo were unfounded. Yay!!!!!!

We have discovered a true gem, $35 a head for 3 courses:

Soup - choice of vichyssois (sp?) or gazpachio - cold soups, the vichyssois was magnificent, gazpachio nice also

Entree - figs stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto - have never tried figs and don't like blue cheese on its own - this was beautiful, so tasty!

Main - a massive platter containing:

1/2 lobster
4 legs of king crab - sooooooo tasty!
4 legs of blue swimmer crab
about 8 bites of fish
about 8 bites of calamari
24 natural oysters - yes 24!!!
1kg of prawns - yes 1kg, chef said 250g each!!!!!!

None of us eat natural oysters, except for b/f's dad, he put in a stirling effort, managing to down 19 of them!!!!!!!! We got through the lobster, craps, fish calamari, took home 5 oysters and 2 foil containers of prawns. None of us could even fit a coffee in!!

The atmosphere was gorgeous, only 1 other table (of locals), sitting outside with a waterfall in the soon tobe beer garden next door, and coloured lights everywhere.

The chef & his wife were the chef/waitress/host/hostess, and so friendly and lovely, the chef is originally from Portugal, his wife English.

We will definetly be taking all visitors there, b/f's dad has travelled extensively for work and said it was hands down the best seafood plater he's ever had!!!!!

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