Friday, April 23, 2010

August already! eek

4 August 2009 - reposted April 2010

Cannot believe it's 5th August, that's crazy, April seems like a blink ago!

Few updates:

House - loving it, still getting everything unpacked/organised/decluttered etc, but it's so amazing to lie in bed and look at the pressed ceiling and think wow that's ours!! Amazing!

We cracked a bottle of beautiful Petersons champers on the front verandah on our first night, my lovely partner retrieved the cork from the middle of the road :-)

We cooked our first meal on the Sunday, a lamb shoulder in the slow cooker (first use), scrumptious, melt in mouth stuff.

Our neighbour is terrific which is a relief, he an DP have mated up, and his son jumps the fence to play with the puglet, so it's working well! Plus he bought the bins in for me last week, yay!

Pug - his usual happy self, had the weekend in the kennels while I was in Syd, he loved it, they spoil him rotten and he gets to play with heaps of dogs

Work - busy, working 8am-7pm most days, but loving it still, busy time of year about to kick off, so hopefully all the foals arrive safely and everything goes to plan.

Birthdays - had DP's nephew's birthday in Syd on the weekend, got some oldschool 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books on ebay for him, they're 2nd hand, but he loved them, yay. Was a good day, DP & I made pizzas, there was lasagne, wine, all the good stuff.

Business - we now have a pty ltd for DP to use when he goes contractor soon, alot of paperwork involved, but should work well, fingers crossed.

Kiva - I've now got 4 loans:
  • Magdalena in the Phillipines - farming - 60% repaid
  • Pillar in the Peru - vet supplies - 33% repaid
  • Fotu in Samoa - farming - 0% repaid
  • Evelyn in Phillipines - cattle frmer - 0% repaid
so far have $18.34 repaid, as soon as it hits $25 again I'll be re-loaning, yay, love giving a hand up, not a hand out :-)

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