Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A tip find turns into a treasure

C's niece turned 4 a few weeks back, she's a girly girl, loves pink, butterflies, sparkles, handbags, etc. 

They moved into a new, much bigger house, and Little Miss 4 got her own bedroom, painted pink of course.

We wanted to get her something a bit different for her birthday, so we hunter around everywhere for a coat stand for her, to put her handbags on.  After a week of no luck, C thought why don't we try the local reuse centre.

We pulled up and there standing on it's lonesome in between mangled weight benches, was a very rusty, but utterly gorgeous, wrought iron coat stand.

It was white, but covered in rust, standing about 5 foot high, with a vine wrapping around it with leaves at the top. And has about 6 curls for hooks that handbags could go on, all the way up the length of it. Got it for $2 :-)

C derusted it (not the technical term I'm sure), then undercoated it and spraypainted it musk pink.

I painted some of the arms metalic pink, the leaves metalic green, added some sparkles, gems and butterflies. 

While painting I realised it's not a coat stand, it's a plant stand, but oh well still looks great I think.

I didn't get to take a pic of our creation at home, but did at the birthday girls house for her party, she was so excited, squealing, she went bolting around the house collecting her handbags & umbrellas to hang on it.  

It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but we have one very happy niece :-)

Till next time

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