Friday, April 23, 2010

New house bliss, maybe :)

22 July 2009 - reposted April 2010

Well we moved into our first home on Saturday, it may still resemble a bomb shelter, but it's our bomb shelter :-)

We both took Thurs/Fri/Mon off work.

Thur/Fri was the final packing session, with about 10 trips to the new house with breakables, kitchen stuff, clothes (luckily new house is about 3kms away from old rental).

Friday we had Foxtel booked at the new place, with their wonderful 5 hour window of 7am - 12pm, 11am rolls by and nothing, so DP calls them, and low and behold our appointment didn't get given to the installers! Luckily they took pity and we got a tech to the house about 4pm, he wasn't happy given it was 4pm Friday, but not our fault!

Saturday the removalist arrived at 7am, 1/2 hour early, excellent! (slight sarcasm there). They were loaded and unloaded at new place by 10.30, which was great. Had a gate guy give us a quote for a gate on the driveway to keep the pug in backyard, not cheap but has to be done!

Saturday was mainly unpacking & organising.

Saturday night we cracked a bottle of favourite champagne on the verandah, my lovely DP retrieved the cork from the middle of the road :-) followed by delivery Thai, and we were in bed by about 8pm.

Back into it Sunday, more organising/unpacking, trips from old house with garden stuff and other things left over from removalist.

Monday was hellish, cleaning the old rental, thankfully it's now looking better than when I moved in, but gees it was hard work!

DP headed back to Sydney Monday arvo, very teary farewell, more yucky than usual.

He's on a mission to get up here permanently now, hopefully within next 6-8 weeks, fingers crossed!!

Met with the accountant today, we're now officially business owners too, nothing like timing, not often in life do you become home owners and business owners in the same week!

Oh well, gotta do the hard yards to get ahead!!

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