Friday, April 23, 2010

Australia Day 2008

- reposted April 2010

Looking through my old blog there were a few memories/photos/posts I thought I'd like to include in my new blog. This is the first of them.

AUSTRALIA DAY 2008 on Sydney Harbour

My first Australia Day on Sydney Harbour :) Was a great day, I kind of drove Cam nuts playing the tourist, but like he said with him being a Sydneysider he doesn't appreciate what's on his front door. The day with me playing Japanese tourist fixed that though!!

We lucked out finding underground parking in the Rocks for $20 for the day, sounds pricey but when the bus costs around $11 each return it's cheaper, plus more flexible.

We saw the tallships and watched the ferry race, I was barracking for the Duck ferry, not sure if he won or not.

We walked around to the Opera House, I've never seen it close up, WOW, it's gorgeous! Walked up the steps (very Aus Idol), I was surprised the tiles are a mix of off white & a boney colour, I took a close up shot, will post that.

Went to a few pubs, the Orient, Lord Nelson, Australian, a few more, they were packed.

Had a drink called Nelson's Blood Cocktail at the Lord Nelson, I think this was the mix:

2 parts Rum (can't remember name of rum but was 47.7% alcohol!!), 1 part orange juice, 1 part cranberry juice, 3 dashes bitters

was very strong, but not too bad. We were feeling it on the walk back down to the Harbour, so stopped to share a nice lamb pizza at the Australian, served by a girl who I hope was high on something cause she certainly wasn't all there, maybe just being a Pom. :)

Walked round to the Pier 1, Cam said it used to be a 3 storey fun parlour with rides & games, he was surprised it was deserted, just a couple of very quiet restaurants and cars parked on the pier. Walked up a massive staircase, gee my lack of fitness really told, was blowing hard by the time we got to the top!

Back to the Harbour, we went to another pub, a walk through the market, then to one of the Rocksong stages to watch Christine Anu sing. Just brilliant, her voice is amazing, I took some photos, will add them.

Wandered round a bit more then it started to rain so we headed home, both a bit sunburnt and tired, so just chilled out.

I headed off from Cam's at 6.30am this morning when he left for work, picked Ollie up from the kennel (sorry puggie) on the way and made it to work by 8.30am, Ollie's down with the other dogs, till I can take him home at lunch.

Hoping like hell my garden hasn't wilted while I've been away, the peril of not knowing neighbours well enough yet to ask them to water the plants, fingers crossed!!!!!

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