Friday, April 23, 2010

Missed the 5 acres but not too upset

5 April 2009 - reposted April 2010

We went to the auction yesterday for the mortgagee sale of 5 acres, there was only one other bidder, he ended up getting it for $20k over what our max was, but pretty sure he was nowhere near his top. A bit disheartening walking away, but a bit of a relief too, we were thinking that 5 acres, plus buying our first home at top of our budget, new location & work setup for b/f, and wanting to start a family in next 2 years might be biting off a bit more than we were ready to chew.

We're going to buy in town, at about $80k less, and then in 5 years or so if we still want acres we'll have a go then, we'll (hopefully) have a family started, and will be financially more sure of where we're at and where we're going.

Had a look at 3 houses on Saturday, 1 was a 2nd look and we still loved it. It has some issues re unapproved renovation/addition, so will be speaking to Council and a certifier tomorrow, if we can get the clear there we'll have a go at it.

Very exciting.

We had a cheap weekend, take away noodles Fri night, $20, nibbles for lunch at home Sat in between inspections $0, coffee out $8, then spent aobut $15 on prawns and we made prawn ravioli, was beautiful, even if I forgot to put the cream in the prawn mix (oops), first time either of us had made pasta before, won't be the last!! B/f bought up tomato pasta sauce I'd made at his house last week, he's becoming a SS'er :-) And a bottle of Chambocin from the winerack, noice :-) Oh and used basil & parsley from garden, so much nicer :-)

Today we went to Broke for the Taste Of Italy day, spent total of around $20 for the day, got a commemorative wine glass each, tasted wines at 6 vineyards, plus the associated goodies: olive oil, olives, chutneys, jams, dukkah, nuts, bread.

A great day, Broke is just gorgeous, had only been there once, on a quick visit previously. The scenery has Pokolbin covered, it just doesn't have the same profile tourist wise, which is good for us, not so good for the Vineyard owners.

B/f headed home aobut 3pm, he's got pizza with a mate who's heading o/s for a few months.

So I've spent the rest of the arvo mowing the lawns, washing clothes, reading the papers, lovely, I love Sundays :-)

Just need a good week and a co-operative Council and will be very happy campers :-)

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