Friday, April 23, 2010

House update

13 May 2009 - reposted April 2010

Vendor has received certification that the building is structurally sound, they've had people out to draw up plans, which should take 2-3 weeks to be formally drawn up, THEN they get submitted to council.

Agent is speaking to council today to find out likely timeframe.

We're not holding our breath that we'll be in on settlement (9th June), but hoping it won't be too much after that!

Vendor has asked agent to apologise and to assure us they're doing everything they can to get it sorted asap.

Found an application tracker on the council website yesterday, it lists all of the applications lodged/approved since September 2008, you can search by street name, so I'l be madly checking that daily to find out when the application goes in!

So now I will be stalking the council website and the house :-) Have only driven by once this week, but can feel another coming on tonight :-)

I just wanna get in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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