Friday, April 23, 2010

Mojo definetly back :-)

8 July 2009 - reposted April 2010

After my whingeathon last week, all is on the improve.


Council approved the DA that's been holding up settlement on our house, settlement is scheduled for Monday 13th July, with us moving in on the following Saturday. Woohoo!!!!! Working through the checklist, removalists done, next insurance & connections.


Work is busy, but still loving it, got a nice bonus at end of financial year, yay!


BUSINESS - With DP moving up here soon, we've just found out we have to start a company to limit our liability, we've got our accountant onto it. Checklist beginning, ABN/GST/etc etc.

HORSE - We've just bought a share in a broodmare, as a trading prospect, we'll HOPEFULLY sell her for a profit next year, fingers crossed!

Damn times got away, gotta get to the library, till next time.............

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