Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally a weekend for us

The past few months have been hectic, we've felt like we've hardly had a full day to ourselves, between work, C having to work in Sydney every fortnight, me having to make an emergency trip to Victoria at Easter, both of us having to go to Sydney for family birthdays, it's been a whirlwind.

So this long weekend has been a quiet one for us (yay)

On Saturday we had a lazy day, it rained most of the day. We went up to Rutherford and bought a new ceiling fan & lights for the kitchen (it's ridiculously dark in there, need a torch to make sure dishes are clean if cleaning up after dark!). We just did 'housey' stuff for the arvo, we're still organising things from when we bought & moved in last year, so got some stuff done we've just not been able to get to.

Sunday we went to the dawn service (in the rain), then got the papers and read them lazily lying on bed for the morning. In the arvo cooked up a storm, made the Cheesy Lasagne from Masterchef Julie's cookbook, we've portioned 1/2 up for midweek lunches for C, and are having it for dinner tonight. Then we whipped up a Chilli Jam Chicken and rice for dinner, lovely. C & I cook so well together, I love that we can share it and enjoy it together.

Today we went and visted one of the vineyards we'd not been to before, Calais Estate, the wines were ok, the view from the restaurant (we had a sticky beak), was lovely. Then we headed to the Smelly Cheese Shop to try the cheeses (triple brie just scrumptious). Then finally to Cafe Enzo for lunch, we shared a caesar salade & some roast potatoes (yumyumyum).

Stopped off at stupormarket on way home to do our shop for the week. Now C is reading the paper, and I'm catching up on some blogs I've meant to read for ages!!

Life is good

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