Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Masterchef Julie's Ridiculously Cheesy Lasagne

We indulged on the weekend and bought a copy of Masterchef Julie's "My Family Table" cookbook, when we spied it on sale at Big W on Saturday.

Luckily we had everything in the pantry/fridge, except eggs to make the pasta, we ended up going with premade lasagne sheets rather than making our own, as per the recipe.

I love Julie's comment on the recipe "The ridiculously cheesy lasagne is probably my favourite recipe in the book, because it's how I won my husbands heart"

And I can see why, my DP "C" 'hates mince', so I was always going to be pushing it up hill. But when I bought 2kg of mince from the butcher on sale (great price), he agreed to give it a go.

DP did the bolognaise sauce, I did the cheese sauce. I'll come back and add the ingredients/method when I get home tonight and can get to the cookbook.

One thing I should note is I stuffed the cheese sauce (don't tell C), I'm a skim reader sometimes, and I saw 'add cheese to roux' and didn't look at how much so I put the whole 240g, then when we were putting the lasagne together it said add some of the 240g to each layer, oops!!! So I grated another 200g or so. So ours was ultra ridiculously cheesy lasagne :-)

So our first recipe from Julie gets a big thumbs up, we had it for dinner last night, and have 6 portions in the freezer for dinners over the coming weeks.

Photo below, as you can see I'm no Donna Hay :-)

Till next time

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  1. Sounds just for me. Can you put up the recipe? Pwease?



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