Friday, April 23, 2010

On the way.........slowly

 21 April 2009 - reposted April 2010

Waiting on contract to arrive at Solicitors, the vendors solicitor said he mailed it on Friday, spoke to solicitor tonight, hasn't arrived, hopefully tomorrow!!!! We want this 35 day settlement to start asap!! :-)

The only good thing about the 'delay' is that it means council is a week further down the road (hopefully) in approving the extension (fingers crossed!).

I went through the house on Thursday (again heehee) and took photos, it's soooooo lovely, can't wait to get in there!

Our building & pest inspection is happening tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed there too!

This is a pic of the house, the vendors were away, so they had the security shutters down on front windows, 'she' looks much prettier with her eyes open!! :-)

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