Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Train, Plane, Bus & New car

A busy weekend, I caught a train, then plane then bus to Ballarat, then drove our new car home to the Hunter Valley. I left home at 5am, arrived at Ballarat at 2pm.

Was meant to head off at 6.30am Saturday, but because our new island bench wasn't ready in time, didn't get off until 12.30pm, it's a 1100km trip, so the original plan of driving straight through went out the window.

Got to Tarcutta, 1/2 way between Melbourne & Sydney, and stayed the night.

I wish I'd driven on an extra 1/2 hr to Gundagai, as Tarcutta was let's say 'interesting'!

The motel reminded me of year 6 camp, just enough room to swing a cat, plenty of flies to kill, and bleeping well freezing!

Headed off from Tarcutta at 6.30am and arrived home at 1pm.

A long long trip, but worth it, the new car was a dream, yay, the 5 month wait was worth it!!

Till next time,


  1. I saw Tarcutta a couple of years ago with heaps of trucks parked there. I was wondering if they had good hamburgers or something. Did you see any?

    Gundagai is disappointing in the chain restaurants, where you wash your hands, seems strange since they are chain establishments.

    My son rang me on his mobile from Tarcutta on Saturday asking me how much further to Holbrook where he got off the bus. Someone guess he had 40 minutes longer to go than he actually did.

  2. Hi Linda,

    It's a major truckstop because it's 1/2 way between Sydney & Melbourne. We went to the RSL for dinner (not great but edible), the only other option was the 'diner' at the servo, where all the trucks were.

    Haven't been to Gundagai, thanks for your comment, will make sure we don't stop their either on our next drive through to Melbourne!



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