Monday, May 31, 2010

Damn u treadmill, but ok results still

Mr Mel & I awoke at 6am, to start our exercise regime.
We spent much of Sunday menu planning to eat better, and setting up the spare bedroom to be exercise central, but we forgot to check if the treadmill worked.

I assumed it would, it's moved around 6 houses in Melb & NSW, so I thought it would start as usual.

Well it didn't, 6am, in a freezing bedroom, ready to get going, step on the blasted treadmill, and it comes up 'Err 2', what the? We try turning it off and on, turning it off, waiting a few mins, on again, nothing.  

Mr Mel found the manual while I got stepping with the Wii, thought he had the fix after 10 mins, it turned it on, bought up the program option, we could set the time/speed/inclination, but when then hit start it came up with error again. 

Soooo annoying, damn damn treadmill, raining on our motivation.

I did 30 mins on the Wii Fit (step, step plus, hoolahoop, core strenthening exercises), got a fair sweat up, heartrate got to mid 120's.

Not all bad, but very annoying that the treadie isn't playing, hoping Mr Mel can work some magic while I'm at work, or we'll have to get a technician in!

So Day 1 of exercise was a bit of a false start, but still got 30 mins in.  Yay. Plus I had cereal & juice (with Vit C powder) for brekkie, usually don't feel like eating till after 9am.

Day 6 - some ok results after almost a week

Weight - 132.6kg (-.6kg)
Bust - 123.5cm (-.5cm)
Waist - 118cm (-2cm)
Hips - 143cm (-1cm)

Till tomorrow

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