Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Built In Camera Required For My Car

Every day I drive 20kms each way to work and back, about 3kms of that is in town, the rest are through bushland.

Since we moved into town last year when we bought our home, I've enjoyed the trip to and from work, 15 mins each way to sing along to (what Mr Mel would call very ordinary) music, and basically relax before entering the lions den of work, or destress before I get home to Mr Mel & the pug.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been amazed at the variety of animals I've literally crossed paths with.

During foalwatch last year when I was driving to work at 3am, through fog, I had a couple of near misses with kangaroos, so since then I've been ultra aware of driving down certain stretches of road at dusk/dawn.

Over the past say month 'my' menagerie of animals that have crossed the road just before I've arrived, or who have pulled up just in time on the side of the road, and waited for me to pass (at around 2km p/h!) includes:

around 50 kangaroos

3 wombats
2 echidnas
1 enormous goanna
a family of 5 goats, 2 adults, 3 kids
2 steers who escaped from a paddock (yes I went and told the owner :) )
1 dive bombing kookaburra
at least 10 galahs who must be attracted to my car, the near misses have been very near

and yesterday, a deer, a big male deer with 1 stub of an antler and one large antler, he was going to cross the road, heard/saw me, turned on a dime and trotted back into the scrub.

So that will be on my shopping list for my next car, a built in camera, that takes a photo automatically or when the driver squeals :)

Till next time,

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