Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life really is good if you let it be good!

I'd like to think I'm a pretty grounded sort of person, grateful for the life I live, and aware of the blessings I've been given and earnt along the way.

I find it really annoying & frustrating that some people can't or won't appreciate what they've got.

Having a chat on the weekend with a friend (let's call her F1), and a mutual friend (F2) came up in conversation. F1 said that F2 had said to her recently that F2's hubby had asked her why she was so nasty about people who she's meant to love, ie friends & family, and F2's reply was that she's jealous.

I blurted out 'No Shit Sherlock' to F1, and she agreed, we were both amazed that F2 had actually realised that it was jealousy driving her at times, not very nice, behaviour to others.

F2 has a great hubby, 3 healthy & lovely kids, a nice house in a location they love, lots of friends and family who are always there for them. Yet F2 thinks she's so hard done by, everyone else is lucky or get's it easy.

I feel like saying to her to and spend a day in a kids cancer ward, or at a homeless shelter, and see how hard done by you are.

Reality check needed.  If she would just take a step back, appreciate what she's got, she would realise that life really is good.......................:-)

Off my soapbox for now.

Till next time,

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