Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday On My Mind - 3

Gee Friday's are coming around quickly, not that I'm 100% complaining as it means another weekend is knocking on the door!

As per the past few Fridays, it's time to participate in the lovely Rhonda from the Down To Earth blog Friday Photo Feature - 'On My Mind....'

So what is on my mind this Friday?

Seeings as Mr Mel proposed on Monday, you would be correct in thinking that future wedding plans have been on our minds.

Tomorrow we are going engagement ring shopping, so On My Mind today, is engagement rings, how much to spend (or not spend), what sort, etc etc.

Mr Mel wants me to get one I love, I'm just hoping the one I love isn't too pricey!

Apparently there used to be a 'formula' for engagement rings, of 2 months of the future grooms salary.  But I just can't justify spending that sort of $ on a ring!

I was horrified when googling the question to see on some forums that $20,000-$30,000 is the norm!  Holy moley, that's a fair chunk of our mortgage!

The one we go with has to be practical to a point, I work with horses so don't want to have to take it off 5 times a day or be worried about it catching etc, so it needs to be relatively flat, if possible.

At least I delivered on my promise of no photos of horses this Friday :)

Till next time,


  1. Congrats! oh gosh that is ALOT for a ring..crazy. Have fun..hope you find the perfect ring for you!

  2. Oh Mel, what wonderful news!! Congratulations to you and Mr Mel. Like everything to do with weddings, engagement rings are overpriced. Don't fall for being like everyone else. Have the ring you like, don't go over board and go into your married life with less debt. I haven't got an engagement ring and never wanted one. I even take my wedding ring off when I'm at home. Have fun looking for your ring. I hope you take a photo for us.

    Big hugs to you both. :- )

  3. I can't remember what my husband was earning 21 years ago - maybe 28,000. He bought my engagement ring for $300 at a half price jewellers sale so it was less than 1% of his salary! Gold was probably less than half what it is today and the diamond is quite small but I never take it off and have never wished for a different one (he bought the ring first and then asked the question - what confidence lol).

    I was really shocked when 15 years later my sister in law got engaged with a $7500 ring as it seemed like such a lot of money. Only last year she told me it's so small (the diamond) that she hides it. Her diamond is not small at all, the ring is beautiful - she is just into wanting to look 'successful' and rich!

    Because my engagement ring is an unusual shape we had to have the wedding ring custom made and it cost the same price but no diamond.

    Like you we already had the mortgage when we got engaged so we had different priorities too.

    I once had my rings cleaned at a markets and the guy who did it told me it was a very old diamond, which he determined from the way it was cut so I guess the jeweller had made up a new ring from an old one - I'm into recycling so that was good to hear!

  4. Hi Rhonda, thanks :) We went to a couple of mainstream jewellers, found a couple we liked, took photos of them and then went to a small jeweller who sources the stones and makes the rings himself. We're hoping to get a better quality ring for less money, the mark up at the big chain stores is ridiculous! I will definitely take a photo when we settle on one! Thanks, Mel.

  5. Hi Shangri La, how lovely that your diamond has been recycled, from love, to love! :)
    How sad that your sister in law feels she has to hide her ring, regardless of what we end up with, I'll be so proud to wear it and show everyone!
    I was really shocked today when at the jewellery stores how many young couples (very early 20's) were trying on engagement rings with price tags of $8,000+! Scary!
    We have worked out what we can comfortably afford, and we wont be going above our budget, as tempting as it has been!

  6. Congratulations! I hope you get a ring you like and can wear that doesn't break the bank.

  7. Hi Mary, thanks :) We found one we love, but going to see if we can get it made cheaper than in the shops, good things come to those who wait!! :)

  8. Hello Mel That is a crazy amount of money for a ring. I bought our wedding ring off of my girlfriend after her divorce. Everyone said it was terribly bad luck. I am still with MY Hero after 32 years. It is not about the ring. We were broke. B

  9. Hi Buttons, isn't it ridiculous! We're no way spending that much :) 32 years is impressive, well done!



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