Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VIC v NSW - on the word front

Since moving to NSW, and specifically since meeting Mr Mel (who is a born and bred Sydneysider), I keep running into a a growing list of words/names that seem to cause some controversy in our house.

Now I'm not sure if some of these words are peculiar to my hometown of Warrnambool or to Mr Mel's home suburb in the Hills district of Sydney, some probably are, but for now, and probably evermore, they will be ammunition in our ongoing VIC v NSW battle :)

VIC - Nibble Pies

NSW - Party Pies

VIC - Fruit Boxes
NSW - Poppers

VIC - Potato Cake
NSW - Scallop

VIC - Pot - beer
NSW - Schooner

VIC - Kabana
NSW - Cabanossi

VIC - Safeway
NSW - Woolworths

VIC - Patio (sounds like pat-e-o)
NSW - Patio (sounds like paich-e-o)

Vic - Pool (sounds like pool)
NSW - Pool (sounds look peuwl)
That's all I can think of for now, I was sure I had heaps when I started this entry, but they've slipped my mind!  No doubt I'll be back to add more!

Till next time,


  1. I loved this post, gave me a giggle!!
    Some of your observations are really interesting to me, as I grew up in SA (quite near Warrnambool actually) and am now in VIC. I've always called the first item on your list "party pies" - never heard "nibble pies", and I always thought the name "fruit box" was an SA thing - DH (from VIC) calls them "poppers"!
    I remember being really astounded by the different names for "Woolworths" - "Safeway" of course, but in TAS there was also "Purity" and (bizzarely) "Rolf Voss"!
    Thanks for a great read :)

  2. Hello Mel this is interesting. 1 snacks, 2 drink box, 3 hash browns, 4 beer? 5 pepperettes, 6 shopping center, 7 beautiful patio, 8 swimming pool. My words from my part of Canada

  3. Hi Scather - always happy to provide a giggle :)
    Purity & Rolf Voss! Only in TAS!!
    I'm coming to realise that nibble pies is probably just a Warrnambool thing, friends from Mortlake hadn't heard of them, and they're only a short trip down the road from the Bool! I won't be telling Mr Mel that tho!
    Cheers, Mel.

  4. Hi Buttons - it's interesting all the different names for the same things, even in same language!
    Cheers, Mel.

  5. So having lived n Tas, ACT and NSW, heres my take, lol (great post btw)
    1.) Party pies in all 3 places
    2.) Fruit box in Tassie, Popper in NSW/ACT (Why??? It says FRUIT BOX on it!!!)
    3.) Potato cake in Tassie, scallop in NSW/ACT (I have issues with this too, it is NOT seafood!)
    4.) I don’t drink, so no comment, lol.
    5.) Kabana in Tassie, Cabanossi in ACT/NSW
    6.) Purity in Tassie, Woolworths in ACT/NSW
    7.) That I think is a “Hills District” thing. Everyone, everywhere I have been has called it a patio, not pachio.
    8.) LOL!!! Go the accent. :)



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