Monday, February 28, 2011

Chocolate Pasta - interesting!

We had Mr Mel's sister, her hubby & 2 girls up for the weekend, and as usual, all visitors regardless of how many times we've had them up, want to go to either Petersons Champagne House or the Hunter Valley Chocolate Shop, which by either divine intervention, or by the work of the devil, are housed side by side in Pokolbin.

We first went into Petersons but it was bulging at the seams, and the 2 little ones weren't enjoying the crowd, so we went next door the Chocolate Shop.

Mr Mel and I have been there probably 50 times, so we know just about all their stock inside out, however on this visit I spied a product I'd either not seen or not noticed before - Chocolate Pasta!

No not chocolate in pasta shapes, but pasta with coca mixed into it, the ingredients listed are wheat, cocoa, sugar and water (from memory).

Chocolate Pasta, made by The Professors Tasty Technology.

It was easy to cook, 1 litre of water bought to the boil, add a tablespoon of sugar, add pasta, boil for 5-7 minutes.  After 5 mins it was still quite tough, so I let it go until 8, probably 9 minutes.  No rinsing, just draining. Then scooped into bowls, and topped with vanilla icecream.

The taste wasn't overly chocolatey, more pasta with a hint of cocoa, similar to a chocolate sticky rice taste (yummo with mango, but I digress!).  The texture was still a bit tough, even with more than the listed time of cooking. Mr Mel, his sister and her hubby agreed, not something they could eat alot of, and seeings I had split the 250g bag between the 4 of us, it was probably a tall ask from the get go!

So while it was an interesting concept and something I'm glad we tried, I probably wouldn't buy it again, I might try another brand, but not in a big hurry!

Till next time,


  1. I have had chocolate pasta too, and my reaction was exactly the same as yours (as in, I'm glad we tried but probably wouldn't buy again)! Pretty plain unless you have it with a lot of other yummy stuff, but still interesting.

  2. Ooh I don't think I've ever cooked chocolate pasta although I have a very distant memory of being served it in a restaurant! And Mel thankyou for letting me know about the Sunday Magazine mention! I was out of state so I missed it when it came out but thanks to you, I got myself a copy today :)

  3. Hi Scather - I'd like to try it with mango or maybe baked like a pasta bake but with a custard or something, found the texture a bit offputting just boiled.

    Hi Lorraine - No worries, glad you were able to get a copy :)

  4. Dear Mel Chocolate pasta who knew? I would probably have tried it too. B

  5. Exactly Buttons, who knew! :) And I'm glad I tried it, as I'd have kept wondering every time I went to the HV Choc Shop!



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