Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday On My Mind

The lovely Rhonda, from the well worth a visit blog Down to Earth has a Friday Photo Feature called 'On My Mind...'  after reading through the comments, where visitors leave links to their blogs of what's on their mind, I thought I'd join in.

So what's on my mind, this lovely, if not stinking hot, Friday!

A racehorse working on the beach at sunrise - Warrnambool Vic
When I was a kid, I used to help my dad work and swim our racehorses on the beach at Warrnambool, I have dreams of one day getting back to living by the beach, and high on the list will be riding our horses at sunrise in the water.

Sure it was dangerous, we often saw sharks, but it was just bliss, you and the horse, bareback through the waves, we'd ride them on the sand, then swim them in the ocean behind a rowboat, I'd ride them out till they started to swim, then hold on around their neck floating behind them while they swam.

Nothing like it, and I'll do it again, one day!

Till next time,


  1. I completely understand. I love horses, early mornings, the beach when the sun is not on the sand and the sea. What's not to love about that. It's a beautiful photo.

  2. Thanks Rhonda, it's a very special morning indeed, it's on my 'will do it regularly again' list :) Thanks for your 'On My Mind' series too, they're excellent, and I've found so many lovely blogs through them. Mel.

  3. Oh, I would love to be able to ride a horse on the beach! How beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. So excited to see you have a pug! We do too... our Lucy is a highlight around here. ;)

  4. wow!! what an amazing memory. guess I need to add yet another item to my to-do list...I should be so lucky!

  5. What a gorgeous photo, sounds scary but I would do it. I love your post. Thanks for the smile. B

  6. Hi MaineFarmGirl, thanks for dropping by :) Pug's are the best, will have to drop by your blog again to check out Lucky :)

  7. Hi Buttons, thanks for dropping by, glad it made you smile :) Was scary looking back, but didn't have a care in the world at the time!

  8. Hi Dmarie, thanks for stopping by, yes a great memory I cherish, definitely put it on your bucket list :)



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