Monday, July 4, 2011

Burglary - how do they rationalise it?

Having just got news that our neighbour had an attempted burglary overnight (they got into garage, tried to access the house while neighbours were home!), it has got me thinking, how do thieves rationalise their behaviour?

Maybe I am way off base, and there is no rational thought to it, but surely there has to be a moment in every thief's life where they think "why?".

Why do they feel entitled to take what isn't theirs?
Why do they think it is ok to scare the life out of people by breaking into their homes?

I know most theft is for financial reasons, either needing money to survive, or to feed addictions, be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. But I really do wonder if they understand how their victims feel, and if they do, do they care?

I have only had one instance of theft affect me directly (touch wood!), I stupidly left my backpack in my car when living in inner Melbourne, and the next morning the back door was open and backpack was missing, luckily it only contained a few easily replaced books, and some notes.

However what was lost is not the point, the point is the feeling of being violated and having someone pilfer through your things and life.

I can only imagine (I hope to the gods we never have it happen to us!) what people must go through if they have their home ransacked, even moreso if they are home when it happened.

Friends have had it happened, and one good friend still, some 6 years later, cannot be at home alone. She was asleep in an upstairs bedroom, when thieves broke in and ransacked her lounge and study, taking her stereo, tv, laptop, ipod.  She wakes to every noise in the house, and if her husband is away she will stay with friends/family instead of being at home.

That one instance of someone invading her home and stealing her things, has changed her, maybe for good. I find that terribly sad.

Mr Mel and I installed a monitored security system last year, we don't live in a bad area, we wanted it as peace of mind, as we are away a fair bit, with work or family commitments.
After last nights burglary next door, we are now going to install a sensor light in the front yard, it might be overkill, but I would rather take the extra precaution and hope like hell it never happens to us. And I hope karma catches up with all burglars/thieves sooner rather than later!!

Till next time,


  1. I don't have any tolerance for theft of any kind.
    The LOML and I have a gift and homewares shop - every item in our store is a 'luxury' - not something you need, something you want. We can understand (but in no way condone) people stealing toilet paper or milk from a supermarket - clearly items one would 'need'. But stealing a pack of scented candles? or a sarong tie? or a photo frame? They are not items a person needs to function in everyday life. It upsets me no end because this is how we make our living, this is our sole source of income - they may as well come into our house and steal our tv or the food from our fridge.
    I don't think you can ever be over-cautious - better to be safe than sorry so good for you.

  2. Hi Shelley, agree 100%, stealing from your business is like stealing from your home. And yes if desperate stealing food is understandable, but 'luxury' items, you have to wonder if people do it for the thrill, having no idea of the impact of their little rush of adrenaline!
    I agree better to be safe than sorry, we're getting the sensor installed before our honeymoon in 3 weeks, for added peace of mind!
    I hope your shop goes gangbusters :)



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