Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Step After The Next Step

So the next, impending, step for Mr Mel & I is our surprise wedding in 2 weeks!!  But the Step after the Next Step is us wanting to start a family.  Back in June I went to the Doc, and had a full checkup, and was glad to get the all clear.  His famous last words, hopefully in a good way, were "see you when you're pregnant".

Since that appointment Mr Mel and I have been taking Menevit & Elevit (respectively), Mr Mel has lost about 10kg, I have lost around 7kg, so health & fitness wise we're on the improve.

We have been talking about and planning our hopeful pregnancy, and given I've been trying to lose weight before our wedding, I wasn't keen on being pregnant on the day!

But now the big day is only a few weeks away, things will be getting serious on the TTC (trying to conceive) front.

I have bought a 'Maybe Baby' kit to help track my cycle, and today have just bought a couple of books (through Ebay) that have been recommended to us by friends and family:

"Up The Duff" - by Kaz Cooke
"Baby Love" - by Robin Barker

and because they came in a 4 book lot set, at great value, I also picked up:

"So You're Going To Be A Dad" - by Peter Downey
"The Mighty Toddler" - by Robin Barker

I hadn't heard of the last 2, but seeings I was buying the 2 I wanted (Up The Duff & Baby Love) for less than the price of buying 1 retail, and with the other 2 thrown in, I thought it was a bargain, plus might be some worthwhile info in the extra 2 also.

bargain books from Ebay
I am keenly aware that given my age (37), that the chances of us falling pregnant are on the slide, and we have both had alot of conversations re what happens if we can't have a baby, so we're not going into this assuming it will be a done deal.  I know that there are alot of women out there who are not able to fall pregnant, including some women in my immediate family, so we are not treating this lightly.  My heart goes out to them, as I know while we would cope, I would be heartbroken if we can't conceive.

But we will jump every hurdle as it approaches, we are going into it with eyes wide open, but with a hell of alot of hope in our hearts. Wish us luck, and send some baby dust our way!!

I am more than open to any suggestions/recommendations re books/websites, so please feel free to let me know!

Till next time,


  1. Oh Mel, you are well prepared, I hope that you'll be writing THAT post in the not too distant future.

  2. Gosh Mel! Two weeks! That's come around quickly. Hope all the plans are going well.

    You know, I TTC at 36, when we were married and lost 3 babies. My first one 'stuck' when I turned 40. Lost another 1 and then had my second at 42. There's hope for everyone. Good luck with it all.

    I think I was the most well read expectant mother ever but nothing prepared me for the onslaught of having a baby. I was dumbstruck. Nothing prepares you for the never ending crying when you can't work out what's wrong, the relentless sleepless nights and tireless struggles you endure while trying to keep house and raise children. I did find by reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" it gave me a bit of insight into all of those things and what to try when the crying wouldn't stop (I used it a lot LOL) but, in hindsight, the best advice I received was from people who already had children. I didn't want to listen to them at the time but I wished I did. Not all babies are the same but anything is worth a try. Nothing can really prepare you for it all.

    Another book was "What to Expect in the First 12 Months".

    Good luck Mel!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  3. Hi Rose - I hope so! I will be shouting 'that' post from the hilltops should we be so lucky!! :)

  4. Hi Anne - I know! It's just flown by! All the plans are coming together well.

    I'm sorry for your losses Anne, must be so terribly hard, the 2 you have would feel so loved and cherished, they're lucky kidlets.

    I have 'What to Expect' on my shopping list :) I am totally open to learning from friends/family who have kids, the books are great, but as with most things, real life experience and advice is worth so much more.

    Thanks for the wishes!

  5. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, may it be the day you want it to be.
    And good luck on trying to conceive. I hope it all goes well for you!

    This Good Life



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