Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday On My Mind - 15 - storage sorted!

On my mind this chilly Friday morning, our built-in robe in the 2nd bedroom are finished (almost) yay!!!

Following on from yesterdays post, the builder finished off the built-in robe in our 2nd bedroom yesterday, now all we need to do is paint the timber trim at the top, and have them back to re-align the 2 middle doors.  He said  because they are so large, they will drop once hung, which they have, at the bottom there is about a 6-8mm gap, at the top they are flush, so he'll hopefully be out today/Monday to get the weight/hang spot-on.
built-ins at end of Day 1
built-ins at end of day 2, just need to paint the trim at the top and get the middle rehung
end of day 1
end of day 2
love the door finish, much nicer than the built-ins in our room! hmmm
Very very happy, now I can finally unpack things and give them homes, instead of being stuffed in moving boxes for the past, say 10 or so years!!

Did I say yay?  :)

Till next time,

Thanks to Rhonda from the Down To Earth blog for her 'Friday On My Mind' idea, it's a gem, I've clicked through comments on numerous blogs on Rhonda's list, and on my own, and found some great blogs which I'm now following, and looking forward to discovering many more!


  1. LOVELY cabinets and it sounds like you're ready for them too... what fun rediscovering old treasures.

  2. Thanks Becky, definitely ready for them! Will be a trip down memory lane unpacking the old boxes!

  3. Dear Mel,
    You are going to have the time of your life. Not only getting organised but I bet you find treasures you forgot you had. Try not to get too distracted and don't you just love the smell of new timber.

  4. Hi Chris, thanks! I'm sure I will rediscover some treasures, but might have to put the blinkers on so I can get it done quickly, as we're getting married in 3 weeks, and I've got jobs galore to do, can't afford a weekend lost in the past, as much as I'd love to! And yes the timber is lovely :)

  5. Ooooh, very nice Mel! And look at that beautifully ornate ceiling! It's gorgeous.

    (By the way, thanks very much for following my blog. I've had computer problems all week. Computer decided to die, had to buy a new one and a few problems uploading existing antivirus software and internet connection. Telstra is coming tomorrow to check Wifi. Hopefully will be back to regular posting next week!)

    Have a great weekend Mel!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  6. Wow, looks GREAT mel!
    - Scather @



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