Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yay more storage on the way!

When we moved into our home almost 2 years ago (17 July 2009), I bought with me several (ok well maybe 20!) boxes of 'stuff' that I had been dragging from house to house over the previous 10 or so years, during my never to be repeated (hopefully!) rental life!

Over the past 2 years I have gradually been going through the boxes, giving away what I no longer needed/want, and repacking into fewer (say 8!) boxes, and storing them in our 2nd bedroom and garage.

Our home is 3 bedrooms, but only the main has built in robe, the only other storage in the house is the linen cupboard, then the garage.

So we decided we wanted to get built-ins put in the 2nd bedroom, which (gods willing) will be our future kids room.  We had a local guy come and quote, he was great, very down to earth, great reputation, and reasonably priced, compared to getting a crew from Newcastle or Sydney.

We confirmed the work about 5 weeks ago, and yesterday the install began, woohoo!

These are a couple of dodgy pics form my phone, when I got home last night, the builder was back at 7.45am this morning, and according to Mr Mel he's currently 'working like a trojan on it'.  So hopefully when I get home tonight it will be all done! And I will take more pics tonight.

So not only do we get much needed storage, hopefully we have added some value to the house, now with 2 bedrooms with substantial built ins!

We have the built-ins going across the width of the room, up to about a foot below our 12 foot ceilings, we didn't want to ruin our lovely ceilings, so are stopping short, and there will be a decorative edging at the top of the robe, that will finish it off nicely.
Oh and ignore the hideous blue paint, the previous owners had painted it blue and cream, for their two young boys, I shall be changing that later this year!

Till next time,


  1. Look at those ceilings they're gorgeous!

    Those built ins will be worth their weight in gold. We had none when we move in (ahem!) thirty years ago, when the first shelf went in for the first built-in I lay down on it in bliss!

  2. Thanks Rose, yes I fell in love with the ceilings the moment we opened the door on our first inspection, I often lie on the spare bed looking at the pattern :) So agree, the built ins will be a gift, I spent about 10 minutes admiring, and patting them last night :)

  3. I have a serious case of cupboard envy!

  4. Thanks Shelley :) Can't wait to get organising with them, especially all that free space at the top, yay!

  5. They look fabulous Mel, can't wait to get ours done.



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