Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doc Update - All Clear Yay!

Back in January (yes I've been slack!) I went to our Doctor to have a chat about our kidlet plans, given my age (37), I wanted to get a full check done to make sure there wasn't anything major needing to be addressed before we started trying to start a family.

So it was around 4 months overdue but last week I went to get my blood drawn, after 2 goes in my right arm, she tried my left and was able to draw the 6 vials needed!  I ended up with a massive black bruise on my right arm, about 10cm diameter, but the left one was fine.

Last night met with the doc, and was very happy to get a near all clear, my cholesterol & blood sugar were normal, yay, I don't have any diseases woohoo, the only sub normal result was for Rubella.

I, along with most girls my age, were given a Rubella vaccine in primary school, given that's probably close to 30 years ago, no wonder my level was a bit low!
(photo source)
The Doc gave me a jab in the arm for Rubella, went through a few queries I had re pre-conception vitamins (will blog separately), and wished us luck!  He said there was no clinical reason to think we couldn't fall pregnant, here's hoping!

A good end to the day.  Now just need to get this getting married thing done, so we can get to business :)

Till next time,

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