Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28cms & a nail file!

I had my weigh in & measurement this morning at Curves, very happy with the results.

Even though this 6 weeks has included me being sick for almost 3 weeks, a semi crushed big toe from a 500kg horse landing on it, a suspected bonespur on my heel, being away in Sydney with work for a week, and missing out on at least 4 weeks of gym attendance, the results were pretty good.

28cm's gone - that's right 28cm's, I had to ask the Curves lady to measure again!

Bust -6.00 cm
Waist -8.00 cm
Abdomen -4.00 cm
Hips -2.00 cm
Thighs -4.00 cm
Arms -4.00 cm

I received a printout of my report, with the cm & kgs lost highlighted, and a lovely Curves nailfile.
Curves nailfile - I really need a better camera on my phone!
I started at Curves back in March, and Mr Mel & I kicked off with the Great Australian Diet in April, we have changed the way we eat and live, less, but better quality food, and at least 40 minutes a day of exercise.

We both feel alot healthier for it, Mr Mel has lost over 10kgs, just amazing, and alot of people are noticing, which gives him even more motivation, it's great to see how much happier he is.

I've lost just under 7kg all up, and I too feel a hell of alot better for it, we both have a fair way to go, I have more to lose still than Mr Mel, but we're both very conscious and 'in the moment' with our food & exercise now, which can only be a good thing.
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