Monday, March 7, 2011

Curves - it didn't kill me!

Very happy to report I had my first Curves session this morning and it didn't kill me, yay!

I arrived at 6.30am, met with one of the trainers and went through all the paperwork, weigh in (eek), measurements (eek again), body fat measurement (holy hell eeeeek!), she was lovely and reassured me I wasn't the worst she's seen, yay!

From all the measurements the good news is I'm taller than I thought 169cm, woohoo!

After the paperwork I did a circuit with her, the concept of a 30 minute workout rotating through stations doesn't sound that intense, but some of the stations are quite full on.

I was feeling my quads especially after the different leg push/pull machines.

My heartrate got to the 'target range' of 22-26 during the circuit, so I was burning cals, yay!

We get measured and weighed once a month, so hopefully by 4 April there will have been some movement in the downwards direction on both cm & kg fronts!

My plan is to attend at least 3 times a week, hopefully more, we shall see. They also offer Zumba, so if I'm game I MIGHT! give it a try.

So to sum up my 1st visit to Curves, I enjoyed it and was feeling it by the time I'd done two circuits. Not sure it will be a long term thing as I think it might get a bit boring, but happy to stick with it leading into the wedding! Then hopefully I will be alot fitter and confident to try the 'mainstream' gym.

Till next time,

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