Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday On My Mind - 5

Another Friday rolls round yay, and another photo, well a couple, for the lovely Rhonda from the Down To Earth blog Friday Photo Feature - 'On My Mind....'

So what is on my mind this  Friday?.............................

Our Engagement Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Our Engagement Ring - I took the photos when we got home, and forgot to wipe it, so a bit smudgy!

I love the side on view, a bit of an art deco feel
Some sparkles
We got engaged on Feb 14, Valentines Day, and after a bit of looking around, a friend of Mr Mel's father is a retired jeweller and he offered us a fantastic deal on getting the ring we loved made, after 2 weeks this is the result!!

The band is alot wider than most engagement rings, but we love it, it suits my somewhat sausage fingers, and it's a bit different, just like us  :)

Till next time,


  1. Congratulations!!
    Gorgeous and very individual ring and I really like the curved edges around the stone. Makes it so much more difficult to accidently snag the stone and lose it.

  2. Kimmie - thanks :)

    RobynK - thanks :) That's the exact reason why we went with the curved edges, I work with horses and was worried it could get knocked out, without some good 'security'.

  3. That is a gorgeous ring! Beautiful, sparkly, one-of-a-kind bling!

    Congratulations on your engagement - and on Valentine's Day too - so romantic!!

  4. Becky - thanks :)

    Shelly - thanks, we love it, it's all ours :) was very romantic on VDay and a surprise!

  5. Congratulations...lovely ring, Lucky Girl or should I say Lucky Man...Enjoy your journey.... :)

  6. Gooseberry Jam - very sweet, thanks :)

  7. Congratulations! It looks like white gold as is mine (but not wearing right now due to post pregnancy weight!)

  8. Rose - thanks :) we love it

    Tania - thanks! yes 18ct white gold, have never been a gold gold person :) Congrats on your bub!



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