Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh to be an artist!

Every year for the past 4, I have attended the annual Arrowfield Stud stallion parade as part of my work, in 2008 the farm unveiled a statue of the Champion stallion REDOUTE'S CHOICE.  The statue was commissioned by John Messara, owner of Arrowfield Stud.  The artist was Tanya Bartlett, and while I've only seen this & 1 other piece, revealed on the same day, she is so talented it's ridiculous.

The statue of Redoute's had so much detail, you almost wanted to give him a pat, well to be honest I did!  Every proportion was perfect, veins popping under a silky coat, the eye of a champion, the lot.

This is the horse Redoute's Choice:
Redoute's Choice on parade
Redoute's Choice

And here are a few shots I took of the amazing statue.

The unveiling
In all his glory - awesome
Almost want to dodge and get out of his way!
The detail is amazing
Till next time,

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