Friday, March 11, 2011

Project - Garden Do-Over!

Another Friday rolls round yay, and another photo, well a couple, for the lovely Rhonda from the Down To Earth blog Friday Photo Feature - 'On My Mind....'

So what is on my mind this lovely mild Friday?.............................

Nothing like tackling a project in the middle of a storm!

When we bought our home in July 2009 we thought the front garden was ok, for now, that we'd get to it eventually. Well it looks like we, well really I have decided that eventually is now, in the middle of trying to get fit, getting our new blog/business up & running, planning for our engagement party/wedding, and working full-time!

Since we moved in the geisha girl plants (I think that's their name) have got a bit out of control, we removed the one immediately to the right of the steps as it was growing partly from under the steps, and we have tried to keep the other two under control by adhoc hacking.

Garden when we first moved in
We've never really liked the plants, the garden itself is a bit of a hodge podge of plants, none of which really take our fancy.

So we've decide its outskies for the current residents.  Haven't decided what we'll plant in their place as yet. The garden bed doesn't get alot of direct sun, it's shaded by the house most of the day, so we'll be going with shade loving/tolerant plants.

This weekend we're heading to Sydney to pick up our engagement ring (yay), and then next weekend we'll be getting stuck in to removing everything, then we'll give it a couple of weeks rest, to see what weeds pop up, and give us some time to plan.

At this stage I'm thinking green/gray and perhaps some maroon coloured plants with some height.  Or maybe even my favourites hydrangeas! We had them growing at our childhood home, and I've always loved them.

Hydrangeas - love them!
So if anyone out there has any recommendations, we're all ears!  :)

Till next time,


  1. Good luck in ALL your ventures!

  2. oh, yes, what Becky said!

  3. If you have shade or part shade I would definitley go with the hydrangeas. I also have lovely childhood memories of these growing down the side of our house. They are great cut flowers too.

  4. I love hydrangeas, they would really suit your beautiful, welcoming home:)

  5. Best wishes with it all. Have you considered a herb garden?

  6. Thanks Becky & Dmarie :)

    Tania - our childhood ones were down the side of the house too:) I adore them as cut flowers

    Vanessa - thanks :)

    Rose - thanks :) we have a large herb garden in the back yard, but maybe a herb border with the hydrangeas could work, food for thought, thanks!

  7. Have you considered native plants? They would thrive with much less work and a lot of them provide equally beautiful flowers as an introduced plant.

    Good luck with you plans.

  8. Hi Claud - yes have considered natives, still have them as a maybe, need to find some we really like. Thanks for the good wishes :)



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